Recognize, cultivate, and unleash your God given leadership ability 

Limited spots available today in the IMPACT INCUBATOR

Recognize, cultivate, & unleash your  God given leadership ability

Limited spots available today in the IMPACT INCUBATOR

What if you could spend the next 6 months focusing on becoming who God created you to be so you can have the impact He created you to have?

How different would your life be if you had a team of coaches helping you cut through the junk and keep your heart, mind, and soul focused on the God sized dream?

—–>(SPOILER ALERT-That’s EXACTLY what the Impact Incubator is all about!)<——

Imagine being part of a collaborative Christian community that provides Jesus centered coaching, peers who can’t wait to collaborate, and a safe place to grow spiritually.

I’ve got exciting news…Now you can!

The Impact Incubator is a new community of Spirit driven Christian thought leaders who are cutting through the chaos, reengaging our calling, and having greater impact on our communities.

All for the glory of God.

Why YOU Need The Impact Incubator!

Short answer? Two words-Clarity and Community.

The longer answer is that at some point, we all hit a wall.

Maybe you’re there now and that’s why you’re here.

In the first few years of our business, we learned a bunch, prayed more than a bunch, and discovered we just needed a little help from our friends to get by.

Perhaps, like us, you’ve discovered it’s way too easy to waste a TON  of time and money trying to figure out the best way to do things.

Courses, programs, seminars, workshops, boot camps, you name it. We tried it all!

Some of it was amazing and radically transformed our little start up into the 6 figure coaching and consulting agency we are today!

BUT it sure seems like we kissed a lot of frogs before we found solid advice we wanted to marry and we’d LOVE to save you the trouble!

Along the way we discovered not everyone delivers what they promise and too much info can be just as paralyzing as too little.

We spent a long time figuring out that sometimes you just need someone to point you to the RIGHT answer and run beside you cheering until you get to the finish line.

The Impact Incubator supports you in two big ways:

First-You’ll get high level access to two Christian coaches who’ve spent the last 7 years in online business and ministry and have over 30 combined years in business, ministry, nonprofits, and customer service. We will walk you through everything you need to recognize, cultivate and unleash your God given leadership ability. Already leading a Christian business, ministry, or non profit? Awesome. Our coaching will help you scale your organization, increase profits, and have the impact God is calling you to have in your community. (You can read more about us below, but right now I want to keep talking about you!)

Second-The secret sauce of the Impact Incubator is how intentional we are about cultivating an intimate community of leaders who know what you’re going through, see the best in you, and cheer you on everyday! Being a leader is hard because you can’t share everything you know with everyone who loves you! This group is designed to be a safe space to discuss the highs and lows of leadership and develop amazing friendships that will last waaaay longer than this 6 month incubator.

We know leaders, especially those of us who work from home, are super vulnerable to isolation and that makes it really easy to get discouraged or lose our perspective.

I pinky swear—God doesn’t want that for you and neither do we!

The Impact Incubator is a 21st century sewing circle and barn raising party all rolled into one.

We will gather each week for steaming cups of coffee, a little collaboration, and a whole lotta Jesus.

We’ve also scheduled some HUGE surprises along the way to help you step into your God-given calling.

Most importantly, we are intentionally keeping this group size really small so you get individualized attention from your coaches and connect personally with each member.

As we review the applications we will be praying over each and discerning who God wants us to partner with. We know He’s going to pull together a group with complementary skills who can challenge, inspire and problem solve together.

It’s going to be a powerful Spirit driven experience and we’d love for you to be a part of the inaugural Impact Incubator that begins October 15th!

What You’ll Learn In The Incubator:

  • Discover who God is calling you to be and how to fully step into it.
  • How to set boundaries, create a rhythm, and avoid burning out.
  • Kick out deeply rooted false beliefs and fears, once and for all.
  • How to find, and extravagantly love on, the people you’re called to serve.
  • Discover the TRUTH you’re called to speak and who needs it most.
  • How to recover when you get physically, spiritually, or emotionally off balance.
  • How to build a platform that honors God, your calling, and your boundaries.
  • Where to automate and use technology without sacrificing personal connection.
  • How to build the road to transformation for your people.
  • How to build a team that allows you to spend your time doing what you do best.
  • How to build systems and leverage tools to get more work done in less time.
  • Who you need in your life to mentor, encourage, and support your leadership journey.

What You’ll Receive When You Join:

6 months of small group, high level coaching to show you how to become a high impact Christian leader.

Weekly training using our Six Pillars of High Impact Leaders Curriculum to help you step into your God given leadership ability.

Training videos, worksheets, guides, and checklists to help you easily apply what you’re learning.

Bi-weekly private coaching sessions with one of our coaches to help you drill down to the core of your calling.

Pastoral care, prayer, and spiritual direction in the area of your calling, faith, and personal growth.

Private Impact Incubator Facebook group with weekly support, encouragement, and supplemental resources!

Access to our proprietary assessment for Christian leaders to show you which areas of life need your attention most.

Weekly group coaching sessions office hours and coaching calls to answer your BIG questions.

Virtually unlimited email access to your coaches during business hours.

We aren’t going to hype you up by adding highly inflated values on each of these features, but we do want you to know that the first round of the Impact Incubator is being offered at a 70% discount from our private coaching packages!

Your investment for the group that begins October 15th is $597 per month for 6 months. Your first payment isn’t due until you are accepted to the mastermind. (The application is free.)
You can save $500+ by paying $3000 at enrollment.

Get your application in by October 12th to be considered for this mastermind.

We won’t be offering this again in 2018 and the price will go up the next time we open the doors so please don’t wait.

Who Should Join?

The Impact Incubator is for Christians who are ready to go deeper with God, generate more revenue, and create more impact. You should join if you fall into one of these buckets:

– You have launched a business would love to grow so you can continue to serve like Jesus.
– You are an author, blogger, speaker or coach who is ready to charge what you’re worth so you can have a bigger impact.
– You have a ministry and sense God calling you become self-sustaining through products, events, and services.
– You have BIG visions of what it means to go to all the nations and you’re ready to scale your company to make it happen.

Who Should NOT Join?

We are not judgey or snobbish, but if any of these describe you, you’re probably not going to be happy in this mastermind:

– If you’re a slave to hustle, hustle, hustle and unwilling to rest.
– If Lamborghinis and having the most toys motivate you more than anything else.
– If ‘change’ is something in the bottom of your purse instead something rooted in the depths of your soul.
– You’re not willing to get into the trenches, get a little messy, and pick up a few scars just to set some people free.
– If you’re not sold on the idea that God created us diverse and complete, Jesus saved us through His abundant love alone, and the Holy Spirit calls us to bold action.

Still Here After That Second List?
Awesome, We Should Introduce Ourselves!

Meet Your Coaches: Gary & Angela Herrington

When we began our women’s ministry in 2011, we had no idea where God was leading, but we knew we were in it for the long haul. 7 years later we’ve served thousands of clients on 6 continents, our annual revenue topped six figures for the last two years, and we’ve grown to a team of 10 staff and 15 volunteers.

After years of working part time in ministry and social media, we both stepped into social media full time in 2016. Our coaching and consulting firm is a family business. Always has been always will be. We are proud that our agency is a modern take on the classic Mom & Pop shops that has kept our country humming for decades.

When you combine our decades of experience in marketing, management, finance, customer service, social media, blogging, and ministry, with a passion for working with Christian movers and shakers, you get our boutique marketing agency, ReEngage.

Our team and our clients become family and serving you is our calling. We take that seriously, but also manage to have quite a bit of fun along the way. We commit to serving you with honesty, integrity, efficiency, and  whole lotta inspiration. Our company has allowed us to invest in our family, our community, and our team in ways we never thought possible and we want the same for you. That’s why we are SUPER excited about launching the Impact Incubator. The hybrid format of private and group coaching is going to create phenomenal growth for those who join.

We can’t wait to cheer you on during this season of life changing focus and growth!
See you on the inside!

We LOVE working with both of you! So happy to have you shooing us to where we need to go. You made sure we had all the buttons and emails and freebies and hidden pages in place, not to mention being a great cheerleader who speaks our language. Gloriously grateful for what we are learning and the patience our members have for our learning curve.

Robyn Dykstra. Christian Speaker,

Finding Angela was like finding a treasure I never knew existed but, once found, changed my life. I was looking for a coach to help kick out the pesky voice that held me back but also was looking for a consultant to help my business move forward. Angela offered me BOTH! Amanda Foust Life Coach & Founder,  Downs, Ups, & Teacups


I have been working with the Herringtons for over a year and I am very pleased. Gary helped my Christian nonprofit grow our FB page to 8000+. It puts my mind at ease to know that they’re managing the social media for me so I can focus on other aspects of the organization.  I highly recommend them to grow your social media presence for your organization.

Sheri Postma

Founder, Mission Partners For Christ


Angela has been fabulous to work with! She  recognized the critical marketing pieces that needed improvement and gave us concrete steps to start making changes. The best part is that she took the overwhelming subject of social media marketing, broke it down into a step-by-step process and then continues to offer encouragement and ideas to help me implement it.

Denise Schramm Co-Founder, IGotThis App

I just have to say that you have been AMAZING to work with! Professional, responsive, and just overall great people!

Betsy Haley, Food Stylist and Blogger,


Angela gave me a detailed breakdown of everything I needed to be doing and when I needed to be doing it in order to have a successful launch.  She has taught me so much not only for my current launch, but also  for future launches so I feel more confident in my business. I highly recommend Angela for your business needs!

Melissa LaBorde

Coach, Healthy Holistic Mama

 I have learned so much from working with Gary!

My page is growing like CRAZY!

Kim Schaaf, Creative & Boutique Owner Three Painted Birds

Are you a super scroller who jumped right to the bottom of this page looking for the bottom line?

Here’s the TLDR version of why you should join the Impact Mastermind:

  1. Our coaches will cut out the fluffy, useless, or outdated advice that keeps you chasing your tail, losing money, and wondering if you can actually do this thing God is calling you to.
  2. We are creative an exclusive, tight-knit community of Christian leaders to learn from, collaborate with, and exponentially grow together.
  3. The Mastermind is limited to a few seats and your application is due October 12th.
  4. We begin October 15 and go for 6 months.
  5. Get your application in by October 7th to be considered for this first round.
  6. Your investment is $597 per month for 6 months or 1 payment of $3000.
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